Midwest Family Vacations

Family vacation ideas for the home business owner should be all about maximizing time with family while getting to do things that most families do not get to do for a period of time that most adults simply cannot afford to take off of work. In other words, your family vacations are, or should be, longer and more exciting than the vacations of ordinary families.

Give them some leeway in helping with the planning. Most teenagers are computer literate and enjoy surfing the net. Let them be your travel agent. Have them search for the lowest discount price on plane tickets, hotel rooms and any other package deals that apply. Tell them what your budget is and as an added incentive, pay them a percentage of the money they save you if they come up with some great prices.

During your vacation, let the teens select some of the activities for the family to do together. Maybe they just can’t visit another local attraction or historical site. Give them some free time to do things of their choice and you’ll find them to be more easy going and more apt to defer activities you would like to do. You will probably find that because of this space you give each other, you will be better able to enjoy each others company.

There is nothing worse than planning a trip only to later realize that you can’t go. So order your passports the moment you decide to travel abroad. They can take up to two months to arrive at your doorstep, so the earlier you do this, the better. Once your family has valid passports (or at least ordered them), you can start to plan your vacation in greater detail.

If water parks and theme parks aren’t what you are looking for Wisconsin Dells also has several golf courses, miniature golf courses, boating, horseback riding, shopping and much, much more. There is a variety of nightly entertainment including many theatres. Have you been to an old-fashioned drive-in theatre lately? Then you can pay a visit to the Big Sky Twin Drive-In Theatres. Take in a show at the Crystal Grand Music Theatre, enjoy Thunder Valley Inn’s Dinner Show, visit Ho-Chunk Casino & Bingo or take in the Tommy Bartlett Show.

Some of the best entertainment for the entire family can be found for free. There are numerous hiking trails, rivers for fishing, nature loops to drive and see all sorts of wildlife, scenic views for amazing pictures, and more. Be sure to stop by the official welcome centers to get maps and information from the locals who know the best places to visit and times to go.

Our family usually takes a summer trip to Wisconsin Dells. And with mid-summer temperatures in the 90’s, and even occasionally in the 100’s, splashing in the water is very refreshing. Our family’s favorite outdoor water park is Noah’s Ark. It’s currently the largest outdoor water park in Wisconsin Dells. You can easily spend an entire day there and not get bored. I have a few tips for you though if you do go to Noah’s Ark (or any of the water parks in Wisconsin Dells) to help keep your costs down and to make the trip as enjoyable as possible.

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