A Guide To Disney Village – Disneyland Paris

Disney Village at Disneyland Paris is a place where you can shop, eat, and entertain yourself. It was opened in the year 1992. Originally it was called eurodisney resort and was based on Walt Disney’s Disney village marketplace. It is next to the other Disney Park – The Disneyland Park. The concept behind Disney village is having lots of cafes and shops to choose from, where people can enjoy life to the full after a long day in the parks. After many renovations Disney Village is now an excellent place to spend the evening.

At Disneyland Paris’s Disney Village there are loads of attractions and entertainment options. Apart from the regular options they also have many events that are held on a daily basis. There are live music shows, concerts, and games for the kids to enjoy. These entertainment shows are held from morning till night and some of them go on till late into the early hours. It has its own web radio called the Disney Village Web Radio. One can enjoy musical hits and amazing music shows in this web radio.

The most popular entertainment shows at Disney Village are concerts at Billy Bob’s. At this bar you can order your beer and munchies and relax and enjoy the live music long in to the night. This is one of the main attractions at it is a three-level bar that overlooks the center stage. Next is the sports bar, where they are live sports shown everyday non-stop. Here they also have karaoke nights and DJ parties on some days of the week. The Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show with the Disney characters like Mickey and his friends also attracts many visitors to Disney Village. This show takes you to the Old Wild West days. The show can be enjoyed by all ages and has an excellent and delicious Texan dinner to top it off. It also has a souvenir shop where one can pick up their favorite cowboy hat or spurs. But, this show is not recommended for people who are suffering from asthma as there is a lot of dust that is raised during the show.

Another attraction of the Disney Village are the cinemas. There are a whooping 15 screens and an I-Max that use state-of-the-art technology and are one of the biggest screens in the whole of France. They show the latest movies and watching movies here is indeed a treat. There are more and 40 unique stores to choose from in Disney village. No trip is complete anywhere without food. It has an innumerable choice to choose from. They serve many cuisines and most importantly they also have the Disney Character restaurants. The Disney Blockbuster Caf is the most popular fast food restaurant and its theme is Pirates of the Caribbean and High School Musical both which are super blockbuster movies.

On the whole Disney Village is a wholesome entertaining place which offers something for every age group. People visit it from far and near and have a good time. So, as you book your Disneyland Paris trip with The Dream Travel Group make sure to stop by and visit´┐Ż Disney Village!

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