Chicago For Art Lovers

It is one of the best experiences for anyone to be in Chicago and those visiting it first time would just love to be there when they see the city. But the first thing that would come to my mind if I was a first timer in the city would be which way should I head to? I wouldn’t know much about the place as I would be a first timer and certainly will feel like a fish in new waters. But if I had a map and I knew what are the places that I like as an art lover than it would become much easier for me even being there for the first time.

I have already said that I am an art lover so the things that interest me might not interest you if you have different taste but for art lovers I hope I can make a few good suggestions and the first one that I’d make for Chicago visitors after renting an RV from an RV land, would be my favorite one that is Lookingglass Theatre Company that produces some of the best shows every year. They are famous for the quality of literary work that they produce and that is why they are praised throughout the world. Their lighting, costumes, stories and everything that make a good show are provided in a supreme quality by Lookingglass.

Next in my list would be The Art Institute of Chicago that is one of the most attractive places in the entire state, at least for me. From the American Art to the Asian one and from the modern European art to the classic old style, there is everything that one can find in this art museum. With over 260,000 works from different parts of the world and having some pieces as old as 5000 years old, this has remained one of the most attractive places for tourists and art lovers for nearly a century and a half and still continues to prove a magnet for the visitors to Chicago.
The next place my recreational vehicle will stop at will be Chicago Cultural Center where scores of cultural programs are held every year and the entrance is totally free. It holds the honor of being the first place in the USA to be hosting cultural events for free and has hosted some great events in the past century or so. It was established in 1897 and is one of the jewels in the crown of Chicago’s cultural attractions. It is one of the most visited places in the state and certainly worth a visit.
Nature and Art go hand in hand and there can be no person on Earth who loves art but not nature. My destination in the evening before I buy a few things from the market and cook them in my RV kitchen would be Lake Michigan that is not just a drinking water source for Chicago but also a perfect escape from all the noise and chaos of the city. You can find many a quiet places on the bank of the lake and enjoy the serenity of the water in the evening. The sun can be allowed to set here and you may enjoy a great sleep in your RV living room after a few hours that you spend uploading all the images that you took on your trip today.

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