Holidays To Lanzarote For Natural Attractions, Theme Parks And Castles

The natural attractions that you can see on Lanzarote include beaches, natural wonders and that many forests. The theme parks are also very enjoyable and it is very easy to spend an entire day enjoying all the water parks slides and everything else they have to offer. The castles are fantastic to see. There are four castles that everyone should see when he or she takes their vacations to this area. Cesar Manrique is a restored castle that is now used as an art museum with a restaurant inside. Some of the artworks that are on display are by Riviera, Miro and Picasso.

The theme parks are exciting to visit. There is the Guinate Tropical Park, which has over thirteen hundred exotic birds and other animals. The park is located on the north side of the island, which is easy to get to my bus. You will see meerkats, lemurs, wallabies and monkeys. They also have a beautiful lake and waterfalls to enjoy the gardens are just beautiful and can be enjoyed all day long. They have some penguins in this theme park that are so cute to watch. The parrot show is another attraction that everyone likes. These parrots ride bicycles, walk the high wires, and just amuse everyone with their antics.

The natural beauty of the island is something you do not see everywhere. There is so much of the island that is untouched by man and was left in its natural state. All the people of the island enjoyed telling people about all the areas they can explore. A little village called El Golfo is one of the islands best natural wonders. The little lake is most beautiful with green emerald waters. Although the green comes from the alga that is collected, it is still a beautiful thing to see. Once you are done looking at the area around this little village, you can dine at one of the restaurants that have fantastic seafood dishes.

The beaches in the area are just beautiful. A holiday to Lanzarote is for adventures and the beautiful white sandy beaches. Famara is a very popular beach. The water there feels like bathwater all year long. It is a beautiful place to sun and enjoy the water activities. In all, the island has ninety-three beaches. There are enough beaches so that everyone can have a good time.

If you want to enjoy a tour of the island, you can take the Mirador tour. It takes you all over the island to the most beautiful and unknown places of the island. Lanzarote has always been a fascinating place to vacation and will always have something for the family or singles to enjoy. You will see and enjoy everything the island has to offer. The beauty of the island is what attracts visitors. The warm sandy beaches and the popular nightlife are another attraction. There are many clubs and restaurants that cater to your every need. You will enjoy your time in Lanzarote.

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