Hamlet Amidst Hills

There are few places in India which sustain an evergreen aura and weather through out the year. One of such place is the renowned city of Kanatal. The adorable city in Uttarakhand is blessed with an epic greenery and blissful ambience. The city of Kanatal is surrounded by hills which seem to have a unbound reach. The city through its warm and cozy environment attracts thousands of tourists round the year. The best part of the city is it’s location which is believed to be its biggest asset as it allows an easy for tourists to visit the other nearby places of attraction. Kanatal also has a wide area covered with lush greenery as it possess a varied and unique variety of flora. The city of Kanatal is believed to be paradise which serves as a gateway to memorable and unforgettable moments and hence memories.
Kanatal is conveniently located near the Tehri district in Uttarakhand and is considered as an significant attribute in the beauty domain of the state. The city is not just a place worth adoring but the journey to it is also worth every penny. Since the splendid city lies on to the Chamba- Mussoorie highway it allows the visitors to not just enjoy the picturesque view of the mountains on the trip but it also gives them an opportunity to visit the nearby places. It is believed that Kanatal got it’s name from a lake which no longer exist. The city of Kanatal also has a religious edge. It serves as a pilgrimage for various pilgrims as it beholds the famous Surkunda Devi temple which is dedicated to the goddess Sati and hence is often visited by the devotees of lord Shiva. The temple is located at a decent height where the tourists can reach either on foot or by hiring Ponies. The trip to the temple can somehow provide a delight experience to the adventure seeker as the journey to the temple involves a quick trekking path. On reaching the top, one can experience the excellent view of the whole city which is utmost astonishing and somehow provides a discrete peace to its visitors. The city of Karnatal is well connected to it’s nearby places and hence can easily be accessed by the visiting tourists. The city also provides excellent budget hotels for its visitors which are highly affordable and can easily be booked. The city’s budget hotel provide good rooms to its guests which offer an exceptional view of the splendid city.
The city also has a vibrant market which has a lot to offer to its visitors. The market places of Kanatal are filled with not just traditional attires but also some other entities which are considered as an exclusive product of the city. From local confectionery items to decorated souvenirs, the market place of the city has a lot to offer to its buyers. The city being in the Tehri region gives the visitors an opportunity to visit the famous Tehri dam.

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