Delightful Excursion To Chamba

Chamba in Uttarakhand is an easy escape from the hectic life of the city . The nature’s beauty which it beholds is unmatched to any other place. Chamba which is a town in the Tehri Garhwal district is a renowned asset for the state and has a lot to offer to its visitors. The prominent thing that is experienced by the one’s that visit here is the fact that the greenery of the town hasn’t got affected from the high rise in pollution. Chamba is not just a destination to visit during leisure but is also a place to explore religious horizons within. The significant part about not only Chamba but also other towns of Uttarakhand is that they provide a splendid aura to their visitors which works as a antidote against stress.
Chamba, the city is located at the other end of the Chamba-Mussorie road and hence can be visited and adored. The picturesque view of the place is mesmerizing and it surely offers tranquility to the visiting guests. The tourists that visit here can also get a brief on the noticeable past of the adorable city. The interested historic facts of the city can best be explained by the old fraternity of the local residents. The tourists can also get some fruitful travel tips from the local residents. The local residents summarize that earlier the place was a part of the Gorkha Kingdom but later with the passage of time it was taken over by the kings of Garhwal. It is believed that the town of Chamba was still as flourishing as it is right now and is untouched by the modern deformities. The adorable town is in close proximity from Dhanaulti, Mussoorie and many other tourist places. Chamba though share the fortunate attribute of nature with Mussoorie but is a complete contrary as far as the surrounding ambience is concerned as unlike Mussoorie, Chamba is very quiet and silent. Chamba also offers an enchanting view of the snow capped Himalayan mountains and the Bhagirathi valley. The location of the town is its biggest asset as along with being near to various other tourist destinations it also give an opportunity to the visitors to give them a quick visit.
The town also is a significant place for pilgrimage as the tourists visiting here can also visit the nearby Surkanda temple which is a holy Hindu location. The temple lies in Dhanaulti and can easily be reached from Chamba. The city also has some other holy temples of god and goddesses which witness a high attendance of devotees throughout the year. Tourists visiting here can easily find accommodations as there are certain budget hotel in the town and prominently in the nearby locations. These budget hotel promise not just an outstanding hospitality but also an enchanting view for the residing guests. The market place of Chamba specifically comprise of local traditional shops and confectioneries where tourists can not just purchase items but can also relish some mouth watering cuisines.

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