Panorama Of Chakrata

Dehradun a pride asset of Uttarakhand itself possess a large number of destinations which generally witnesses a high attendance of tourist presence through out the year. Chakrata, a small town in the Dehradun district of Uttarakhand is a well known spot for tourists who adore the outstanding view of mountains covered with a wide layer of lush greenery. Chakrata offers a soothing ambiance which attracts its visitors for a mesmerizing experience. Chakrata offers a moderate climate to its visitors which remains pleasant almost through out the year. Chakrata has a unique aroma of religious shrines and cultural enlightenment.
The tourists visiting Chakrata can also relish the experience of the view of the Yamuna and the Tons river as the adorable town lies in between the renowned rivers. The small town also has a rich historic past and hence is a delightful treat for the tourists who have a keen interest in exploring the history pasts. Chakrata had a high presence of Britishers in the past and during this period the place served as a cantonment for the British troops. The cantonment region still exists in the city and beholds a huge stack of locations which embark the presence of Britishers. However the place is access restricted and one may face few restrictions on visiting the outstanding area.
The holy town of Chakrata comprises of various temples of worship because of which it welcomes a large number of pilgrims through out the year. The various religious temple in Chakrata prominently include Mahasu Devta Temple, Shiva temple and many others. Shiva temple is a famous temple and is considered to have existed from the epic era of Mahabharata. Chakrata can easily be visited from nearby places such as Mussoorie, Dehradun and many others. The road trip to Chakrata itself is a journey worth to its visitors. There are various budget hotels in the town as well as in the nearby places which offer some exceptional accommodation and service to the visitors visiting the city. The budget hotels are very affordable and hence serve as an easy means for experiencing the mesmerizing vibe of this pleasant town . The budget hotels here provide a homely ambiance to the visitors and are renowned for their hospitality and exceptional service. The market place of Chakrata comprises of various confectionery shops which serve some mouth watering delicacies to their customers. From antique items to rare traditional attires, markets of Charata are the most desirable place for tourists who are keenly interested in buying some exclusive items. The panoramic view of Himalayas is like a cherry on top for the visitors here. The local crowd prominently comprises of the Jaunsari tribe which are very friendly and can be considered as a best source for the various fruitful travel tips.
Chakrata in Uttarakhand has a mixed blend of picturesque beauty and traditional and religious shrines. Planned or unplanned, even a casual tour to Chakrata will surely make anyone spellbound and will be give one a memory worth cherishing.

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