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The picturesque view of the snow covered mountains is always an adorable experience and Munsiyari in Uttarakhand promises it all. Located with in the lap of the great Himalayas Munsiyari can be considered as a heavenly destination with a presence of an adorable weather. The lush greenery and the regional temples are sure to make any journey a memorable one. Munsiyari famous among both the tourists and the local residents, is an easy escape from any hustle free environment.
Munsiyari is well located and hence can easily be reached from places such as Pithoragarh, Almora and many more. While reaching here one can witness the various small waterfalls which do not show any sign of their source. The twisting turning routes to Munsiyari also have an experience of their own. Because of its elevation from the ground, tourists are often in a dilemma that there are a very few shops in the city of Munsiyari. Contrary to these opinions, Munsiyari has a decent market place of its own which offers a range of shawls and hand made traditional clothes. Munsiyari’s market place also offers an average range of handicrafts which are well designed and expertly carved. Tourists visiting the place can easily purchase their desired souvenir in order to cherish their memorable trip to Munsiyari. The market of Munsiyari is also famous for the mouth watering cuisines that are available here.
Tourists can easily reach this city as there are frequent local bus services which connect this place to other cities. Tourists can also opt for a personal private vehicle if they desire. Munsiyari comprises of various temples of worship which witnesses a huge crowd of pilgrims through out the year. Tourists can easily have a stay in the budget hotels within or in the nearby cities. The budget hotels in the city or in the nearby towns are well known for their hospitality and exceptional service. These wages of these budget hotels are minimal and hence are highly affordable. The local residents of the city are very friendly and welcome their guests with a lot of affection. One can also get numerous travel tips from the local residents.
There are various places of attraction in Munsiyari which are highly recommended by the local residents and also by those who have previously visited the city. Munsiyari also serves as a trekking destination for all the adventure seeking tourists as the trek to Milam glacier begins from the city. Tourists can also experience the mesmerizing view of the Panchchuli Peaks and Hansling Peak from the city. The view of the Munsiyari town during the night has its own adorable ambiance. Munsiyari is an exotic destination which portrays a mixed blend of natural adventure and peaceful bliss.

Munsiyari is a prominent destination which attracts a huge crowd through its vast greenery and exotic ambiance. The picturesque view of the renowned peaks and the mesmerizing natural beauty is sure to keep its visitors spell bound and hence making their trips a worth remembering one.

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