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As soon as the hotter aspect of the weather, summer arises it brings along the scorching heat and the dusty hot winds. For this Nainital serves as an easy escape from the hotter sun. Nainital comprises of an Indian slang taal whose literal meaning is lake. Nainital living up to its name, comprises of various lakes. Famous among the tourists Nainital is the place to relax, enjoy and relish the pleasantry environment. Markets, tourist spots, temples, luxurious hotels and much more, Nanital beholds a lot for its visitors.
Nainital, situated in Uttrakhand witnesses a high attendance of tourists through out the year. The city resides in the lap of lush green mountains which sparkle up its beauty. Despite of the city being at a high height above the ground, the city is well connected to the nearest plane areas. Frequent buses and private vans can easily be commuted in order to reach this place. The promising part of the visiting Nainital is not just the lakes and cool calm weather but the journey itself. The trip to Nainital is itself a journey worth remembering. While reaching here, among the various travel tips, tourists are often advised to visit a place known as Bhawali which lies in between the route in Nainital. Bhawali is some what of a bonus for the tourists visiting the city. Bhawali is a small city which has a very limited population and yet welcomes a huge amount of visitors. Bhawali is a huge hit mostly among the tourists from modern towns because it offers a unique peace with its simplicity and decent living.While traveling to Nainital, one can can also see the various small sources of water bursting down the green mountains.
On reaching Nainital one can witness a divine cool aroma which justifies the popularity of this place. The city has a large number of budget hotels and a huge market place to offer to its guests. There are many new budding hotels in Nainital which ensure to provide exceptional hospitality and excellent service to their guests. Right in the very beginning of the journey lies the famous Nainital lake itself where one can enjoy boating. The picturesque view of the mountain from the lake will make any one spell bound with its beauty par excellence. The market place is jam packed with tourists. The huge market domain of Nainital is jammed packed with visitors. As one goes higher and higher up the mountains one can visit the temples of Maa Durga, Lord Shiva and various others god and godesses. Nainital is also a hub of boarding schools, because of which students visit the market in high numbers during their weekend breaks.
Tibetan market of Nainital is also a famous market to go out to. From mouth watering momos to affordable attires, Tibetan market has a lot to offer.
Nainital is a perfect blend of nature’s beauty and modern establishments. Nainital is the place to escape your problems and come down to experience a new life.

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