My Best Weekend Break

I am a professional working in a private company and working for five days a week make so much tired that usually on weekend breaks I prefer to sleep and relax throughout my weekend break. Different peoples have different ways of enjoying their weekend breaks; one of my close friend he also works as a manager in a private firm, he also works five days a week and has a different way of enjoying his weekend breaks as by planning a trip to some nearest tourist spots where he could he could enjoy his weekend break and flush all his stress of work which he had taken on previous five days by working.
It was the starting of December, I still remembered that I was very much excited about the long holidays which I was about to get in the end of the year. As I work for an international firm and more often our clients are some European countries, America and Australia and many more, where Christmas and New Year is celebrated very hard and with full enthusiasm and they do not work for around ten days, and as we serve them so we also get a long holidays of about ten days. I was very much excited as I had already planned of going to my home in these ten days; as I was going to my home after a year. In my first week of December my friend who is very much fond of travelling and planning trips on weekend breaks, he insisted me a lot to plan a trip to Chandigarh on the upcoming weekend break, after a lot I got ready to go to Chandigarh on upcoming weekend break but really I was going only because he insisted me a lot otherwise I had no interest in going over there.
We moved on Friday evening by his car, we were four friends. He has got very good driving skills, he knows driving a four wheeler from last 17 years, but the fact is that also he use to drive very fast it is proved by the fact that we reached Chandigarh from New Delhi in mere 4.5 hrs. When we reached there we hunted for a hotel one of my friends opinion was to go for some affordable hotels, cheap hotels and budget hotels, other was more interested in serviced apartments and guesthouses, and the one who owe a car was more interested in some good hotels, boutique hotels and resorts, I was ready for everything, because I was not so much interested in the trip, mind was thinking about my bed only. We took a descent hotel to live in after that we went out to chill, we first roamed into the city and enjoying the streets of the city. I found myself that I was enjoying the trip slowly and slowly, I was getting involved in each and every excitement that my other friends were doing, we went to the famous market of Chandigarh named as sector- 17, I must say you the gentry over there was the best gentry I have seen in India at a market place. We moved into a disc and enjoyed our drinks and danced whole night, at 5:00 AM in the morning we went back to our hotel. Next day in the afternoon we woke up with hangover and we repeated our evening plans, the area was same sector -17, but the venue was different, we moved into another pub this day and believe me it was better in atmosphere than the previous day’s. We danced and enjoyed a lot over there the whole night and again on the other day we woke up late in the afternoon with the hangover, and we planned to move back and while our return journey also we enjoyed a lot by chilling while driving. So this was about the weekend which I felt was the best and the most energetic weekend break.

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